OK so a few of you may have heard of me promoting the name Dodgy Dingo… well I’m sure you maybe thinking, what is Dodgy Dingo ? About 10 years ago whilst working at a gym I came up with the name, I liked it, thought it was pretty catchy too !  I wanted to do cool belts and hats to start with, but in all honesty I had no clue as to how why or what to do !  So the idea never took off, and dodgy dingo.com didn’t get renewed and dropped back into domain name availability.

Roll on 2011 and the Dodgy Dingo idea is back lol but I suppose I have a little more knowledge (in the words of Paul Daniels tho “not a lot”).  Luckily the domain name was available, obviously noone else has seen it’s potential lol so I snapped it up “again”.  I imagined the brand to be more geared towards Extreme Sports, i.e. skateboarders, bmx, free runners, kick boxing etc.

Now the first thing people will say/have said “there are a huge amount of these kind of brands out there, the market is huge!” this I know 🙂  I suppose I just wanted to do a small side project away from Pole Photography and Mobile Apps (thought at some point I’m sure something will cross!) something different to get my teeth into.

So the first thing was to get the logo, after about a week these are the logos :


These two will be the main logos used throughout the brand, but through different designs of apparel there will be slight manipulations to suit.  What do you think ?

So what’s my next step?  That will be the website and COOL video which I’ll tell you about tomorrow.


Remember :  You have all the weapons you need, now FIGHT !


What is Dodgy Dingo?

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