So I have the logo, I have the ideas (kind of) now I just need to put them into practice ! So the website (just a holding page at the moment) will be a fairly simple site, most probably wordpress or similar.  It will a place where you will see the brand develop from something small to something big (I hope!!), with a store where you can purchase hoodies, tees, trainers, maybe skate decks and other miscellaneous items.

To launch the brand will be a video concept combining the sexy sassiness of Teta -Maria-Stone one of the Fuel Girls, a band (Harlikings?) and a skate park !  This will be the first in a series of videos helping promote the brand and spreading it far and wide.  There will be a competition to star in each following video also as an interaction tool.

– update:  I have asked for quotes regarding websites but have been looking at Shopify.  Has anyone got any feedback on this service?  Ultimately it would keep startup costs down and will free up more money for apparel design and production.

I have also had some cool designs and ideas through for womens workout gear, racer back crop tops and hot pants that can be used for the gym through to kicking ass at kick boxing !  What are your thoughts?

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and remember .. You Have All The Weapons You Need .. Now FIGHT !





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