Pole Convention Miami 2011

It’s been 5 days since I got back from the Pole Convention in Miami and I have to say that I’m still on a high !! It’s hard to know where to start and there is definitely no end ! In regards to the traveling aspect in a nutshell, it was ok, not exciting, just ok. Traveled with Virgin and the flight was “ok”, food was average and the films we pretty much the same as the flight I had to Australia bar a few films ( so mild disappointment there ! ). Met up with Stacey (X-Pole), Justine McLucas & Bendy Kate for a quick beverage before the flight so that was a good start.

Met Lou Landers at Miami International to then get a ride on the Tri-rail to West Palm which took about 1hr 40mins. A bit long but hey for $7 I can’t really complain.

Got to the Marriott, checked in, knock at the door and there they were, the boys from the hood, Jack & Tommy from Bad Kitty. After a loooooonnngggggg man hug we proceeded to the bar where for the rest of the night it was a case of chatting with other people who had also come in a couple of days early. Bug shout out to my boy at Mighty Grip, Joel Bretan, who finally got his vodka I had promised him for months ! Cheers!

On the Thursday I had a shoot with Fawnia Dietrich (who is one of the most loveliest girls I know) back up at South Beach. We were shooting with Daniela Baumann & Loft1 at their new exclusive studio over looking the bay. Things didn’t start off to well as the 2 xstages we had were a wee bit too tall for the room ! So as a back up we called my mate Danny from image 1st Miami who had a Platinum Stages Star Standalone from a shoot he had done a while back. Problem solved though I have to say the quality of the Platinum Stages pole is far inferior to that of the xstage, but hey we had no choice at that point.

The shoot went well and I felt I got to know Fawnia a lot more and I truly hope I get to work with her more in the future, a true professional and a legend in the pole industry.

In the evening there was a night hosted at BB Kings but the ice hockey was on and I couldn’t pass up the chance of Tommy talking me through it and explaining what was going on ! Anyway to cut a long story short, the Bruins lost but took the Stanley Cup a few days ago.

Also it would take me an age to name everyone I talked to over the days I was in Miami so if your name isn’t mentioned I do still love you :)

I have to be honest I wasn’t feeling it on the saturday. It was the first full day at the convention and I wasn’t in the game. I have no answer to why, it just wasn’t there. That is until I started watching the performances on the saturday afternoon. A-maz-ing ! I could feel the mojo flowing back into me and by the the time saturday evening performances came I had my game face on :) the performances were out of this world ! Performances by Lou Landers, Marion Crampe, Justine McLucas ( who was injured but still gave an outstanding performance, PROUD girl!) Estee Zakar, Jamilla,¬†Zoraya Judd, Karol Helms, Jenyne Butterfly, Rafaela Montanaro and Felix Cane. What made it spectacular is that every performance was so different, awe inspiring and jaw dropping. I am so glad I was there ! Check out some images from that evening …….

Another definite highlight was the performance from Torwa Joe and her girls !  Those girls can shake it !!! and they defo laid the smackdown on me after !!

My main man Joel from Mighty Grip treated everyone to a lush cocktail after the event which gave people the chance to reflect on what they had just seen and also to have a picture with the “Stars” at the X-Pole Media Drop with Sam Green.

Sunday got off to a slow start ( I’m sure some people were hungover!! ) but soon picked up pace. I managed to fire off a few shots here and the but didn’t really go gung-Ho ! My main reason for going to the convention was really to network and to meet the people that I have talked to so often on Facebook.

For me Sunday was by far the best evening. Jack & Trisha invited myself, Tommy, Lou, Karri Mae and Claire out to dinner as a thank you and OMG it was like the best steak I have ever had ! The dessert wasn’t too shabby either! What do you think ? ;)

We then went on to the Opa bar or something like that where we chilled, danced on tables, was joined by another 15 odd people, chucked napkins in the air and just kicked back and enjoyed the last night. Not to mention the aerobics class outside the hotel at 1am ! To all those there that night, thank you for making it awesome !

On the Monday we had time for a quick spot of lunch before the Tri-rail back to Miami International and all the goodbyes.

So where do we go from here, was it a success, was it worth going ?

Firstly, thanks to Jack who was adamant that I should attend, without him I may not of made it. Again thanks to Jack, Trisha & Tommy for making me feel like part of their family, both personal and business. Thanks to my roomie Lou who didn’t snore and was infact not that messy ;) thanks to Fawnia and Daniela for the shoot in south beach making it a fun day ! Thanks to Danny for breakfast and being mine and Fawnia’s superman and saving the day ! Thanks to Jessalynn for organizing a kick ass convention and I look forward to next years in more ways than one :) I also have a new respect for Stacey who despite our ups and downs in the past, I think does an amazing job and truly hope to work a lot more with in the future. A big well done to Justine for her performance, I was very proud to call you a friend that night, and yes next time I’ll save you that seat on the plane though it’s up to you whether you sit there or not ;)

I made so many new friends this Convention and caught up with a lot of old ones.

If you have a chance to go to next years convention then do everything you can to make it, I promise you will not regret it. The chance to meet people who are passionate about the same thing and to meet those “Stars” you thought you would never meet.

Everyone I met in Miami, onstage and off, are all STARS to me.

Thank you

ps it’s only a plane ride

Adam JayPole Convention Miami 2011

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