Ok so I know this is supposed to be a Pole Dance Photography Tour blog but being in the Washington area for the past 6 days a lot has happened, hence the blog title !  Firstly I have to say, the people I have met here have been kind, giving and very accommodating.  I want to say thank you to Tina & Kevin Moran for letting me stay with them (I’ll get to the food later!), Tina for letting me use her studio Chic Physique and running me around!  To Karri for being my Parker (quote Thunderbirds), to Jess for letting me use Pole Pressure for some fab shoots with some cool cool girls and to Lisa of Divafit for using her sweet studio.

It’s kind of hard to know where to start as so many things have happened that have made me laugh or just look at in astonishment.  OK so the flight in on BA Heathrow to Washington, Dulles was average.  It must’ve been an old plane as the entertainment was sticking!  I mean you couldn’t even pause the film to take a break !  PLUS you could only watch one film, then when it was finished you had to wait about 15 minutes before the next set came on.  So truly bizarre and one that I don’t want to do again !  I watched Thor on a small screen, a bit crackly with a popping sound every so often. Next time I will go with my Virgin methinks !

Landed, through customs etc and to find my purple haired beauty waiting for me in arrivals.  You see, I’ve never met Tina, I’ve talked to her on Facebook etc scouted her pictures so I knew who I was looking for but it’s always a worry that you might miss them !  HOWEVER, Tina has got purple hair, so I was pretty safe in not missing her.

So we started the trip back to her hometown which is named is perfectly for me 😉 and well a couple of things took my attention.  Firstly, there is A LOT of corn.  By this I mean Tescos/Sainsburys/Morrisons, you name it, would be stocked all year round !  So there started the scene for my film, it truly was an epic piece I was conjuring up which I felt was being confirmed by Tina’s “O yeah, most definitely”.  I could see it, running through the fields in the black of night, camera on night version, deep breathing, basically shi%ing myself, lacerations abound, whilst chasing my prey (yet to be decided).  After about 10 mins we decided that the possibility of my getting lost in said fields was yielding a high percentage thus having to call out the heat seeking helicopter to find me, no doubt in the middle, foetal and talking to myself rocking back and forth!  A good first impression I thought for Tina 🙂

The second said attention grabber was merely a lone boy on his bike cycling towards us.  OK so that doesn’t sound very exciting but it was what was jutting out of his rucksack that made me double take and stare.  At first what I thought was a fishing rod turned out to be a gun.  Ok, now I know the US has guns but this was weird !  Like “Hey mom I’m just off to play with Petey”, “Ok hun, don’t forget to pack your very big gun” !!!  Whilst that was running through my head Tina confirmed that it was just a pellet gun which is harmless enough, so it kind of took the edge of my mother/son scene but nevertheless still had me thinking ! (sorry about all the exclamation marks!)

Finally we get to the greatly named hometown of The Morans.  It was cool, just like out of a movie, porch, chairs, beer cooler (ok minus grandma in the rocking chair) mail boxes in a row and potatoes in trees.  Potatoes in trees? Not just any old potatoes but these were noisy ones.  I later found out that these were actually not potatoes but secadas, so I was a little disappointed.  I was introduced to Gavin who is Tina’s teenage son and a lover of the video games and killer zombies (maybe an extra for my corn film?). What was to follow was an OMG moment for both Gavin & Tina as I presented them with a small red box of treasure.  Said treasure was to be looked upon with great delight and held in the highest accord.  To put it bluntly “America, how the f**k can you deprive your citizens of Maltesers!?” Yes, maltesers, those chocolately covered honeycomb balls of goodness.  How they both sucked upon those chocolately balls O YEAH! Unfortunately a box only goes so far so it didn’t last that long hence the shipment coming out soon.

(ok so a long time has lapsed since I started this blog, pretty much 5 days!  with a trip to Vegas and now in Phoenix! Currently at Bad Kitty HQ whilst the boys and girls are outside chillin and me inside trying to work out how to switch the channel as “Seed of Chucky” is on !)

“Tries to remember 5 days ago!!!”

On the friday & the saturday I had shoots booked at the wonderful Chic Physique studio, a very welcoming and aura-fab place to be.  The girls were fab and we pretty much rocked some fantastic shots out !  Tina and I hooked up with Karri Mae for lunch and a drink and good ol general chit chat about pole, pizza and pretty much everything else in between !

Now again I have to say, this is supposed to be a Pole blog but there are small things that take the spotlight !  The first one is the Pesto Sauce.  Now this is no ordinary pesto sauce, this is the freshly home made pesto sauce of Kevin Moran !  The man is a true super duper in the kitchen.  This pesto delight was like nothing I have ever tasted in the realms of pesto-ness!  It’s a shame that this cannot be tasted world wide, through out all the shops in the world!  I have tasted many a pesto sauce and not one could compete with this.  All hail Kevin Moran !

Saturday night we hit the Body Building/Fitness competition which was rather entertaining.  Now I have nothing against the big toned muscles on either the boys or girls but it’s the scary assed colours that they come out with from the so called tanning sessions they have. The guys look as they they have been rolling around in the dirt and the girls just look like too many dark shades of orange/brown.  I think the only way you could tell what their actually colour was, was to look behind the ear !  Orange oompah lompahs some say.. 😉

On the sunday I was at Pole Pressure with the superb Jessalynn Medairy (thanks for the lift Karrie!)  The last time I saw J was at the Pole Convention in Miami, which she did such a superb job with.  So it was nice to take a little time out to have a chat about future plans and shoots together.

Monday I was at Divafit (again, thanks for the lift Karri!) for an afternoon of shoots !  I have to say, all the girls I have met and had the pleasure to do a photo shoot with have been superb and so nice.

It was on Tuesday when it all got a bit crazy !  I was doing a shoot at Chic for Tina and Karri when the world literally moved !  But before it shook let me set the scene.  Tina was recreating her Bambi on Ice scene for the shoot with her 7 inch heels when the floor went a bit wobbly !  OK it went 5.9 earthquake wobbly !!!! If only our reactions had been filmed, we just looked at each other and said “WTF was that !?!” Whilst Tina was gathering her balance on the 7 inchers, I went downstairs to find Karri outside and the rest of the street !  I had just experienced my first earthquake.  It was a weird strange sensation, like a truck passing by, but it defo went on for far too long !  It was time for a drink, so the Union Jack was blessed with our presence.  The quake was the biggest one that the Washington area had had for over 100 years so a few people were slightly freaked out by this, the bar woman being one of them !!!  Once we had put away a cool beverage we went back to the studio to finish off the shoot with Karri.  Afterwards, a few games of pool later (yes I lost !), it was time to head back to the ranch.

Now, if Kevin wasn’t trying to seduce me with the Pesto sauce he got me with the banana and choc cake !  OMG I am taking him home !  I can’t describe it, I won’t describe it as I would not do it the slightest bit of justice.  So you will just have to visit them and try out the goods !

So that was my visit to the Maryland/Washington area.  We had pole shoots, pesto sauce, moonshine soaked cherries (phew!) earthquakes, cornfields, lions, tigers and bears o my !

So I really should blog about Vegas, but you know what they say about that …. 😉

Pesto Sauce & Earthquakes

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