I asked an acquaintance who doesn’t pole and doesn’t have much knowledge of the industry to write an article on Pole & Photography. Take a read of the article below and let me know what you think.


Mixing The Arts – Pole Dancing and Photography

If you say “Pole Dancing” there are two groups of reactions, perhaps three.  The first reaction is generally a male oriented, uneducated, grumbling manly “Yeah baby.”  Those are the ones that probably have never seen true pole dancing.  Then, next you have the ones who gasp, cross themselves in prayer and turn their heads in shame at even the idea.  Yet there are some who truly understand and even love the art and imagery of pole dancing to be something beautiful and amazing.


Before you begin to view the art of Pole Dancing and understanding the photography of it you have to look at the people who perform it and understand why.  There are always the dark, dingy, dirty places that smell like stale smoke, sweat, booze and unwashed bodies.  They may call themselves “Pole Dancers” but they are no more a true pole dancer then, as the say goes; “You standing in a garage makes you a car.”  Simply put, they make a mockery of a true art for the sale of sex, which sells for some pretty decent money if you’re putting it out there.  This is where the “art” is scoffed at.  This is where the photography would be laughable.  These are places where the art is not taught nor do they care.  Patrons pay to see nearly naked women who are untrained in the art of pole dancing, simply utilizing a pole to grind on and shove everything they can in “clients” faces.  These are not the women of the art, nor are they what the art of photography would consider to be worthy of photographing.  Most of these women would probably not even be in good enough shape to actually do some of the true and actual pole dancing moves that are a part of the art.


Pole dancing is an art form that takes strength.  Any true, trained pole dancer will tell you that the strength in their arms alone will prove to you that it is not for the weary.  Carmen Electra’s Video utilizing the art of pole dancing to “get in shape” is probably one of the most well known pole dancing videos around.  Still selling today, with updated versions, Carmen Electra combines the art of pole dancing with the true strength required to do it.  Yes, it can be a sexy art and there is nothing wrong with that.  Dancing in and of itself can be a sexy art.  Adding the pole to the dancing makes it almost a combination of dancing and gymnastics.  Beginners who start learning the art of pole dancing will tell you it’s much more than just grabbing a pole and moving your body up and down it.  If you will notice in some of the shots on this website, you will see an amazing amount of strength holding up the dancer’s entire body weight.  You will see amazing angles, contortions, bends and movements that border on the edge of impossible for most.  Simply pulling one’s entire body weight up, even a foot off the ground, let alone then contorting the body into mysterious and amazing angles is an achievement that says “this is not just something someone off the street does.”


There are particular moves, styles, poses, and stances that pole dancers use.  There is no way you can attempt the art without firming and toning muscle and even creating muscle if you began without much.  You are responsible for not only utilizing the pole to create a beautiful flow of dancing and movement with your body but to hold your own weight in various poses and stances that require concentration and strength.  So if you’re thinking that pole dancing and photography are two arts that simply cannot blend without being “tacky” or “disgusting” perhaps you need to take a closer look at the beauty of the style.  The way the photographer can grab symmetrical shapes and poses.  The use of lighting to highlight angles and accent areas of the photograph to create shading creates a beautiful picture of an exotic art.  Much like belly dancing the art is meant to show the beauty of the human body by creating moves that highlight the body’s ability to move in a swift, free-form style to create a certain look.  The fact that both belly dancing and pole dancing are considered an “exotic” art only compliments the fact that both are enjoyed by photographers.  Appreciating the art, perhaps takes the art of another to show its beauty.


Either way, take the time to appreciate the combination of both of these art forms as they meld together to create beautiful pictures of the human body in action.  Get past the stuffiness or the bad taste left in the mouths of people that haven’t had the option of seeing pole dancing in its true art form and take a moment to view it as it truly is; an exotic art of the human body.  Photography gives you the chance to do this.  Combining the two arts as one will only bring you to view the human body as it is, something beautiful to behold and seeing the dance as it is meant to be, taking that human body and flowing it beautifully in forms that are meant to show its beauty.


Mixing The Arts – Pole Dancing and Photography

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