Lara Croft Photo Shoot – Melbourne, Australia

One word – EPIC ! That’s the response I’ve had from the results of this shoot. In all honesty I didn’t realise how good this shoot was going to be. I have to give immense credit to Jenn Croft who brought her A-GAME and completely immersed herself in the portrayal of Lara.

You can jump to the Lara Croft Gallery here

We worked our way through 3 outfits, from the classic, to the beat up and finally to the upcoming Lara croft REBOOT (view video trailer here)

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Such comments from Art Andrews (TheReplicaPropForum)

“Your choice of lighting for those photos are absolutely spot on. Jenn is a gorgeous model and I have seen a lot of photos of her over the year, but none that have captured her in the way you have done. Having done a little costume shooting myself, I know that can sometimes be a challenge, but you blew it out of the water! Looking forward to seeing more in the future!”

also from Scott Tucker – former Editor of the Tomb Raider comic

“Wow that is great. As a Photographer I am jealous, and as the former Editor of the Tomb Raider comic book for 5 years I can say it does the character proud.”

I just want to thank everyone who commented on the images and also took time out to write me a personal message. But most of all, thanks to Jenn who went above and beyond and created a very memorable shoot !


Adam JayLara Croft Photo Shoot – Melbourne, Australia

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