I really need to get used to blogging more often!  I’m one of those people that want to do it every day but for some reason, I just don’t ! Anyone have a remedy for this ?!

So things that have happened in the last few months :

I’m now concentrating on the Pole Dance aspect of photography, with studios in the UK and overseas. In August I am going to Washington DC, Vegas, Phoenix & Vancouver for 3 weeks then  a 4 week trip in Australia in October.  During this time I am hoping to blog (see first paragraph?!) more often !

Pocket Pole Studio is still going well, gad a wee update last week but I am looking at doing a major update in November after I get back from Australia.  So please let me know what you would like to see.

Pocket Pole News has been developed for the iPad (been a long time!) but I think I might wait to release it with the iPhone version.  PPN brings together feeds from dedicated Pole Facebook pages, pole specific twitter hashtags and a blog feed.  This will be a free app.

I have a new app in the pipeline but can’t disclose anything until I have had a meeting with my wingman within the next 6 weeks 😉

Aside from the Pole Photography and Apps I have also started a new brand called Dodgy Dingo.  This will be an apparel brand aimed mainly toward boarders, bmx, skating etc and will consist of hoodies/tees/beanies/trainers etc.  The website should be up and running within the next 6 weeks hopefully.

In the next couple of weeks I will be doing a shoot with James & Ola Jordan, two of the dancers from BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

So that’s pretty much the update.  Hopefully (again see first paragraph) I will be writing more often !


Remember “You have all the weapons you need, now FIGHT!”

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