Harley Quinn – Arkham City Version

Now this shoot was a whirlwind !  We had 2 hours to fit everything in, makeup/costume/setup (and breakdown) and then the shoot, so we were really against the clock ! I chose Suzanne Jude to play the role as to me she fits it perfectly (though you always get people say otherwise).  HQ is one of those characters that have …

Adam JayHarley Quinn – Arkham City Version

Lara Croft Photo Shoot Video

Take a look at the AMAZING video by SuperHero Photography & Sam Highfield from their recent photo shoot in Australia. Big thanks to Jenn for being totally AWESOME ! SuperHero Photography is proudly sponsored by SuperHeroStuff

Adam JayLara Croft Photo Shoot Video

Lara Croft Photo Shoot – Melbourne, Australia

One word – EPIC ! That’s the response I’ve had from the results of this shoot. In all honesty I didn’t realise how good this shoot was going to be. I have to give immense credit to Jenn Croft who brought her A-GAME and completely immersed herself in the portrayal of Lara. You can jump to the Lara Croft Gallery …

Adam JayLara Croft Photo Shoot – Melbourne, Australia

Pesto Sauce & Earthquakes

Ok so I know this is supposed to be a Pole Dance Photography Tour blog but being in the Washington area for the past 6 days a lot has happened, hence the blog title !  Firstly I have to say, the people I have met here have been kind, giving and very accommodating.  I want to say thank you to …

Adam JayPesto Sauce & Earthquakes

Skateboard Deck Concept Design #1

Ok so over the next week I’ll be dropping in some deck designs to see what you guys think.  It would be good to get some feedback! Let me know if the colours work, and the design around the logo, smaller, bigger etc Here’s Skateboard Deck Concept Design #1 Let me know what you think ? and remember … You …

Adam JaySkateboard Deck Concept Design #1

Pole Dancing & The Olympics (an old blog post)

I thought I would reblog this post from a while back.  Reason being, Pole is in the media a lot at the moment and with Steven in AGT it popped up again from a comment or two.  So have a read and let me know your thoughts.   Over the last week or two there has been an increased interest …

Adam JayPole Dancing & The Olympics (an old blog post)

Mixing The Arts – Pole Dancing and Photography

I asked an acquaintance who doesn’t pole and doesn’t have much knowledge of the industry to write an article on Pole & Photography. Take a read of the article below and let me know what you think.   Mixing The Arts – Pole Dancing and Photography If you say “Pole Dancing” there are two groups of reactions, perhaps three.  The …

Adam JayMixing The Arts – Pole Dancing and Photography

Sports v Lifestyle

So my Question today is : Should Dodgy Dingo be an a )  Extreme Sports Apparel Brand b)   Extreme Lifestyle Apparel Brand Let me know your thoughts and remember … You Have All the Weapons You Need Now Fight !  

Adam JaySports v Lifestyle

What is Dodgy Dingo Part II

So I have the logo, I have the ideas (kind of) now I just need to put them into practice ! So the website www.dodgydingo.com (just a holding page at the moment) will be a fairly simple site, most probably wordpress or similar.  It will a place where you will see the brand develop from something small to something big …

Adam JayWhat is Dodgy Dingo Part II

Dolor and the sit amet

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Adam JayDolor and the sit amet